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13 Nov 2015
5:08 pm

Intruders in Carmen Reddy shooting not looking for loot

Citizen Reporter

Vic Naidoo (5FM) and Aurelie Kalenga (94.7), who were both held up at Reddy's house when the DJ was shot, feel that the incident did not look like a robbery.

5FM DJ Carmen Reddy is in a critical but stable condition after she was shot in the shoulder during a break-in during Diwali celebrations at her home on Wednesday evening.

According to her colleague, 5FM’s Vic Naidoo, who was held up along with Reddy, her mother and 94.7’s Aurelie Kalenga at Reddy’s home in a Centurion estate, the suspects showed very little interest in stealing anything.

“They took nothing. There were three cars in the driveway, and the car keys were on the table. All were BMWs. The driveway gate was open. When they shot Carmen, they ran out. Then one guy came back and grabbed my phone and then left,” Naidoo said.

Naidoo recalled he was in the open-plan kitchen area with Reddy and the other two women when Reddy’s mother first saw one of the men. He was followed by four more who came out from a guest room.

“Carmen’s mom tried to move the gun because it was pointed at her kid, the guy then hit her. The next minute I heard a gunshot and I was on the floor, and all I could see was blood,” Naidoo said.

A gun was held against Naidoo’s head throughout the ordeal. “The girls were screaming uncontrollably but I shut down,” he said.

Yesterday, following the ordeal, Kalenga was still deeply traumatised and in shock.

“Everything just happened so fast. One minute we were having dinner and the next we were being held down.”

She said one of the men held Naidoo down, while the second stood guard at the door and the third kept his firearm pointed at Reddy and her mother.

“I was standing a short distance away. The only thing they said to us was to stop screaming, nothing else. Then I heard a loud bang and when I looked up Carmen was holding her shoulder and said she had been shot.”

Kalenga said the men didn’t appear interested in anything in the house and to her it didn’t come across as a robbery.

“After they shot her, they left. Only Vic’s cellphone was taken. Our car keys were on the table in clear view. They didn’t attempt to take anything in the house.”

Reddy underwent surgery yesterday and is still in hospital.