Kim Mari
2 minute read
21 Feb 2020
3:00 pm

KIDS BOOK REVIEW: How to be a lion by Ed Vere

Kim Mari

Every time we read this endearing book,   “How To Be A Lion” we take something new out of it.

Friendship, kindness, empathy, learning to stand up to bullies and most importantly, remembering that “You don’t have to ROAR to be heard….” Leonard is not like other lions.  He is sensitive, loves to write poems, is not fierce and his best friend is a duck called Marianne.

This, as you can see is not normal for a Lion, and the other lions are not happy about this.  They insist that there is only one way to be a lion and that is to be fierce, and further more the other lions cannot believe that Leonard has not EATEN the duck yet!


“Is there only one way to be a Lion?” Leonard does not think so and stands his ground.  Together with his friend Marianne, they compose a poem and Leonard gently and boldly recites it to the lions. “…….Let nobody say just one way is true.  There are so many ways that you can be you….”

This book was pivotal in helping my son, Sashin adapt to his new school two years ago.  He was being bullied and this gentle book helped him stay true to himself. I love that I can read this story every day to my children and they will know that just like Leonard the Lion and his friend Marianne the Duck, they too can be courageous and stand up for themselves AND for their friends and be who they want to be. “Some say words can’t change the world. Leonard says, if they make you think, then maybe they can.”

Ed Vere’s warm colours and his distinct rough black outlined illustrations are a perfect complement to this thoughtful and empowering story.

Happy Reading

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