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18 Aug 2016
1:13 pm

‘Druggie’ AKA throws shade at Malema

Citizen Reporter

Though Malema did not mention him by name, Supa Mega told the EFF leader he was feeding the MEGA MONSTER.

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“The ANC has called for a debate there in parliament on the local government elections 2016. I will be there; I just want  to hear what they’re going to say. Let them continue to be arrogant, it’s not paying off. They brought the druggies — artists who some of them suffer from abuse of drugs and made them faces of their campaign — our people rejected druggies. Those druggies have cost the ANC. One druggie was even saying we won Joburg and I was like, yoh, drugs are dangerous. These artists, the way they’re so innocent. He took nyaope and thought 43% means winning. He thinks it’s simple like that.”

These were EFF leader Julius Malema’s words during his party’s coalition press conference in an open field in Alexandra on Wednesday.

If the druggie Malema was talking about was Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, the rapper has had a few words for him in response.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, AKA responded, also keeping in mind Malema did not mention any names. But like they say, it the shoe fits …

“If Julius is indeed referring to me, man what a day!! With everything on his plate, and he still has time to think of me?! SUPA MEGA is an institution. A national key point. Try as hard as you can. You can’t escape me. I live in your mind. In your heart. You give me life. You created me. Feed the MEGA MONSTER,” he tweeted, in a way that makes you think he was living out a real-life rap battle in his mind.

Like his girlfriend, Bonang Matheba, AKA says he has been called every name under the sun, hence the insults do not bother him any more. In fact, AKA says he does not block haters on Instagram any more as he feels they need to witness the “greatness” that is him.

“There is nothing I haven’t already been labelled. You are the radioactive spider that bit me and gave me my superpowers.”

AKA says he was honoured that Malema, in his busy schedule, still thought of him.