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14 Oct 2016
3:42 pm

Everything you need to know about Minnie Dlamini’s man

Citizen Reporter

After they were spotted looking cosy at the Delicious festival, we couldn't help but wonder who Minnie's beau was.

Quinton Jones. Image via Instagram.

He is clearly head over heels in love with his girlfriend and doesn’t mind showing his appreciation to the world.

He appears to be a momma’s boy, which is sweet, especially because we know they tend to be super sensitive, loving and appreciative of women. Which brings us to our next point – he cooked his mother and her friends a meal! He has culinary skills! What a bonus – Minnie sure is lucky to have a man who can serve heat in the kitchen and uhm … elsewhere.

He is a mean braaimaster. Judging from Psyfo’s Instagram post, he makes a delicious potjie too.


He loves beautiful women. Yes, this tweet has groupie tendencies, but we’ll forgive him since he is courting one of the most good-looking celebrities in the country.

He is a sports fan. On his Twitter timeline, there are so many tweets about sport we lost count.

  • He is a camera man at Urban Brew, which produces shows like Real Goboza.
  • He is best friends with Psyfo, and together with Hulisani Ravele, they were spotted at Fourways Farmers market with Minnie all enjoying a day out.
  • He apparently once dated Pearl Thusi – remember what we said about beautiful women?
  • He and Minnie are great friends, which we presume makes for a good relationship. About taking him out of the friendzone, Minnie said about her man: “[He is] someone who’s actually been one of my best friends, and we decided to move from being friends to being lovers.”