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18 Oct 2016
10:15 am

WATCH: Is Kanye West accusing Cassper of stealing his idea?

Citizen Reporter

It seems the Mama I Made It has captured the attention of Americans for apparently being able to steal ideas from Kanye West's future brainwaves.

Cassper Nyovest's post on Instagram.

Refiloe ‘Cassper Nyovest’ Phoolo has possibly found himself at the receiving end of a backlash by American rapper Kanye West and his legions of fans. Cassper took to Twitter on Monday to share that Kanye West’s fans were accusing him of stealing his idea of a floating stage – allegations Cassper has denied, with reason.

“Woke up to my name on American blogs about how I possibly stole Kanye’s stage. We did this a year ago already. lol. Ya Neh,” he tweeted.

Kanye West went on a rant on Sunday during his Saint Pablo Tour about someone stealing his “original” idea of a floating stage. In a video he posted on Instagram, he says: “This the original. Accept no imitations. You with the rap God right now. Niggas be copying my sh*t bro. Stealin’ our sh*t, stealin’ stages. Copying our sh*t one-to-one” – #KanyeWest in Edmonton.”

Watch the video:

His fans started wondering who he could have been talking about, with many claiming the rant was directed at fellow American rapper Drake, until one of his followers, melikhaya.n, told them Cassper had the same stage last year at his Fill Up The Dome concert.

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“Our very own South African artist @casspernyovest had a stage like this before Kanye, so did Kanye copy him?? Kanye must relax,” he wrote.

West’s fans then headed to to Cassper’s Instagram account to throw shade at him for “copying” Kanye’s idea of a floating stage. Cassper insisted West could not have been talking about him as he had a floating stage last year while Kanye only had it this year.

“Some of y’all just tripping. All I did was respond to @akademikstv ‘s post that was implying that I might have copied Kanye with the floating stage. I did it before Kanye. I never said I was the first to have a floating stage, I never said Kanye stole anything from me. I’m just saying, if Kanye saying someone stole from him, he wasn’t talking about me. If he was then he is wrong cause I did the floating stage before me,” he wrote.

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Some of Kanye’s fans, however, still insist Cassper stole the idea.

One blarkbird wrote: “@casspernyovest well no one noticed till Kanye made it a thing n now you claiming you did sh*t first … how pathetic!!”

What we know is that West has accused someone of stealing his idea of a floating stage, but who the person is, remains to be confirmed. We also know it cannot be Cassper because he had the stage first, unless he has some predictive powers to be able to steal people’s ideas before they even have those ideas.