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2 Mar 2017
2:58 pm

Any industry can be polluted by money, says Cassper

Citizen Reporter

'I'm just happy that the industry is finally talking about it as a whole, and it's not just me,' he says.

Cassper Nyovest. Picture: Twitter

Musician and record label owner Cassper Nyovest has shared his thoughts on the recent corruption allegations on record labels buying awards. Cassper says he has been talking about the issue for a long time, though no one really listened to him at the time. Perhaps it had to be someone else talking about it, then people would have listened, says the Mama I Made It hitmaker.

Cassper has previously complained that radio stations were not playing his music even though he had submitted, saying the problem might have been that he was an independent artist.

“I’m just happy that the industry is finally talking about it as a whole, and it’s not just me.”

What was polluting the South African music industry, according to Cassper, was the lack of money.

“The South African music industry does not have money. You guys can see what going on. I mean, the fans are not stupid.”

“If the money could just be in the right hands, man. Like people like me. I need the money to build artists. My artists are always fighting with me all the time because there’s no  money to do everything they want to do. So it’s a problem,” he told Z’khiphani.

However, Cassper said he was not in any position to judge anyone because “we all have fuckups”.

He did not want to name anyone or further say anything about the drama because, as a record label owner, it could be one of his artists coming out to say something the world was not expecting to hear about his label.

There was uproar last weekend about the Metro FM Awards giving awards to artists who did not deserve them, according to Twitter.

The allegations were fuelled by Riky Rick’s acceptance speech in which he told record labels to stop playing with people. His speech garnered support from fellow musicians, with Black Coffee saying it would be better if Metro FM could stick to just being a radio station.

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