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22 May 2017
2:34 pm

Ex-Muvhango actor caught after allegedly sending pics of his genitals to nyatsi

Citizen Reporter

After allegedly sending a partial picture of his private parts, the student asked him to send 'the full thing'.

Mutodi Neshehe in cheating scandal. Picture: Twitter

Former Generations and Muvhango actor Mutodi Neshehe’s wife, Leslee, has reportedly broken her silence months after finding out her husband had allegedly been cheating on her.

Leslee discovered late last year that her husband of 13 years and the father of her two children was allegedly exchanging raunchy messages with two lovers.

Her friends reportedly described Neshehe to City Press as a “cheat of note” and said Leslee discovered the cheating in October last year after she became suspicious and checked his cellphone.

The couple have reportedly not shared a bed for two months.

The publication further reported to have seen Twitter direct messages between Neshehe and his nyatsi in which he allegedly wrote: “You don’t have to bite, you can just nibble a little, wink wink.”

Other messages the publication saw were on WhatsApp, between Neshehe and a young university student, in which he allegedly wrote: “This is what you make me do. I’ll see you soon.”

“… I need it. Crossing fingers. I want to … let you use and abuse me,” the student was quoted as saying in response.

In another WhatsApp message with the same student after allegedly sending her a partial picture of his private parts, the student asked him to send “the full thing”.

The actor has apparently told his friends he wants to break up with his wife because she does not contribute financially to the family. Things started turning sour for the couple after Neshehe allegedly started attending work functions without his wife and coming home in the early hours of the morning.

But Neshehe strongly denied having any affairs, telling the publication: “I’m not sleeping with anybody.”