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Tinashe Venge
2 minute read
19 Jan 2018
9:13 am

Pearl Thusi mocked for spicy response to Helen Zille tweet

Tinashe Venge

After facing the wrath of the EFF (and their supporters) this week, Pearl Thusi found herself in hot water again after trying to come after Helen Zille.

Television and radio personality Pearl Thusi poses for pictures during the Castle Lite Unlock J Cole event held at the Ticket Pro Dome in Johannesburg, 18 June 2016. Picture: Refilwe Modise

After airing her opinion on the EFF’s decision to vandalise H&M stores around the country, Pearl became enemy-number-one for a number of EFF supporters as well as their national spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi. Dr Ndlozi shaded the TV presenter when he wrote on Twitter:

“ANC self-hating mascot who believes blacks with stones fighting oppression are savages. It would be a waist of breath to show her that she’s adopted the oppressor’s language to describe blacks. Will she also be distancing herself from savage movies like of Solomon Mahlangu? (sic)”

Realising that there was no winning this particular battle, Pearl directed her attention to a member of a different opposition party: Helen Zille of the DA.

Helen responded to a Julius Malema speech (which inferred that things are worse under the current ANC than they were during apartheid) and wrote publicly:

What?! Julius said this a few days ago. Did I miss the volcanic eruption that followed his saying apartheid left a better legacy in roads infrastructure for the poor than the ANC?  Or is outrage merely a tool to target a select few (who say much milder, more considered things)? (sic)”

In what was seen as an attempt to win back sentiment from her followers, Pearl Thusi shaded Zille by posting this Tweet:

Unfortunately for her, people hadn’t yet forgiven her for her comments earlier this week (she described the EFF’s behaviour as that of “savages”) and they responded in sarcastic tones.


It wasn’t all negative. One EFF supporter actually forgave Pearl, taking her anti-Zille comments as proof that she had been “educated” by the party and was now ready to join their ranks.

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