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24 Oct 2019
10:37 am

#CoochieForACause, says Rami Chuene as she promotes daughter’s OnlyFans account

Citizen Reporter

Nthateng says her profile will have 'artsy nudes/videos' and 'whatever anyone wants in the DMs'.

Picture: Twitter

Actor Rami Chuene ‘supportive parent of the year’ award on social media on Thursday after helping promote daughter Nthateng’s OnlyFans account.

“This child of mine has this thing going. Please subscribe. Yes I’m retweeting under duress,” said Chuene.

OnlyFans is a social media platform launched in 2016 that allows account owners to monetise their content in a way that is similar to YouTube. Where the two platforms differ, however, is that followers on OnlyFans pay a subscription fee that gives them access to your content, which remains locked and therefore closed to non-paying outsiders.

Because of this, social media users who post adult content, as well as adult film stars, favour using OnlyFans to share their content. In layman’s terms, you can sell your nudes, and photos of pretty much anything on your body, for money.

The site also allows followers to tip the content creator or direct message them and request personalised content at an additional fee.

The revenue split is currently on an 80-20 basis and content creators have their revenue deposited directly into their accounts once OnlyFans has deducted its commission.

As a way to raise funds to attend culinary school, Nthateng now opened her account and has been asking social media users to subscribe.

She said: “Hey guys, please subscribe to my OnlyFans. The first 20 subscribers get to subscribe at a discounted rate for their first 30 days. Highkey, highkey just tryna make money to get myself to Culinary School one day. So help a sis out.”

Responding to those who asked what she would be offering, Nthateng said her profile would have “Artsy nudes/videos” and “whatever anyone wants in the DMs”.

“Eventually I’ll get into sharing tutorials on how to take bomb ass nudes and stuff,” she said.

Chuene has been trending, with most social media users commending her for supporting her daughter’s new venture without fear of being judged.

Twitter user Freaky said: “Yoh, I wish my mother was this supportive. I Stan. Lol I’m pretty sure she’d disown me if she knew I had an OnlyFans account,” while Peluni NK wrote: “You are such a cool mom ….My mother would zoom into that picture…. see its nude and just take out her candle and rosary and call everyone into the living room to pray for me, never mind that its tasteful nude or blurred nude, she prays for my mini skirts.”

(Additional reporting by Kaunda Selisho.)

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