Asanda Matlhare
Intern Journalist
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24 Jun 2021
4:36 pm

WATCH: Mmatema Moremi’s ‘pregnancy announcement’ confuses her hubby

Asanda Matlhare

The singer's hubby reacts hilariously in YouTube video teaser.

Mmatema Moremi's hubby was visible confused by her pregnancy announcement. Picture: Instagram

Idols SA runner up and singer Mmatema Moremi caught her husband off guard when she said “we are pregnant” in a YouTube video clip teaser.

The couple were attempting to film a video for her channel and her husband didn’t understand as he can be heard asking “huh, are we pregnant?”


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Moremi explained that her plan to pretend she was pregnant failed.

“Tried this whole fake it for the gram with my husband, ai, we just as real as they come, it did not work out, instead he had one question on his mind the rest of the video,” she wrote.

In the YouTube video that has now been posted, the couple had a chit chat on various topics relating to family which included parenting affecting marriages.

“With us I don’t think has impacted us negatively in any way because even before we had Ethan, we always spent time together. It never occurred to us that we needed to ‘change’ into the role of being parents,” the singer said.

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Moremi went on to explain how her marriage to her husband was a continuation of what they shared together.

“Us getting married didn’t mean we didn’t know each other, we knew what we were getting into.”

As the singer added how their lives unfolded since they met, her husband thought she was confirming she was pregnant.

“That’s how people who are in love announce their pregnancies, ‘we are pregnant’ babe I’m talking about when I was expecting our son,” she corrected her husband.

Instagram users and subscribers found the YouTube clip funny and said they enjoyed the video.

” Loooove it!!!!,” someone on Instagram commented.

“Thanks for inviting us to experience a glimpse of your loving marriage. I enjoyed this so much, most especially the banter. May God continue to bless the G fam,” said a subscriber.

Moremi is not only a gospel singer but an award winning TV host and an actress on Rhythm Citywho plays the character of Valentine, the daughter of a domestic worker from the Vaal.

Valentine is a seductress with ambition and nothing solid to offer who sees herself at the top with no qualifications.