Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
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27 Oct 2021
12:43 pm

Rea Gopane: ‘Bonang is not as smart as she thinks she is’

Kaunda Selisho

The podcaster has been criticised for following the 'shock jock' approach to garner attention for his platform.

Bonang Matheba sent podcaster Rea Gopane a defamation proceedings letter. Picture: Instagram

Rea Gopane, the young podcaster that Bonang Matheba is looking to take legal action against after he supposedly made defamatory statements against her, doesn’t seem to have learned his lesson. 

Gopane poked the proverbial bear this past week when he trash-talked Matheba in light of her ongoing battle against her former management company, Celebrity Services Africa (CSA)

“What I want to say is Bonang is not as smart as she thinks she is. All she’s good at is… the fan base that she has… to attack people. She’s been doing it for a couple of years.” 

Gopane and his co-host went on to pretend to dissect brand Bonang before insulting her further. 

“She makes her lawyers do stupid stuff like send cops to my house, like f***ing look around [for] me in the city to give me [a] summons. She’s making her lawyers do dumb stuff. Do the real work of securing the bag,” he added.

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He stated that her lawyers have been calling him in recent months and accused her of being afraid to go “after the big boys.”

He also made inflammatory claims about musician Mr JazziQ, whom he claims “sacrificed” the young amapiano musicians who died some months ago for the betterment of his own career. 

Mr JazziQ has not publicly addressed Gopane’s claims but he recently sent a tweet that his followers believe is aimed at Gopane.

The podcaster has been criticised for following the “shock jock” approach that most podcasters do with the aim of getting attention by making incendiary claims. 

The claims are often made with regards to a widely held belief or the claims are often bigoted in nature, in an effort to anger people into interacting with the content.