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Vicky Somniso-Abraham
2 minute read
16 May 2015
6:00 am

Connie’s beauty emanates from within

Vicky Somniso-Abraham

Top South African actor and businessperson Connie Ferguson's beauty emanates from within. Unlike many others, her astounding rise to stardom has not changed her character.

Actress Connie Ferguson speaks to The Citizen before going onto the Generations set in Auckland Park, 13 May 2015. Picture: Refilwe Modise

Ferguson remains humble and calm, with a strong love for God.

During the interview at the Generations: The Legacy studios, Ferguson burst out laughing, saying: “I love the fact I don’t take myself too seriously, I’m a people person and

I think I’m a nice person.

“I’m very calm and chilled. I believe I’m not confused about who I am. I’m very content and I believe I’m blessed.”

Ferguson does her own make-up before her shoots as Karabo on Generations: The Legacy.

“I have been doing this forever. We only have a limited number of make-up artists and we had a lot of lead actors,” she explains.

“Sometimes, you get to the make-up room and you have to wait your turn to get the make-up done.

“Because I can do it, I prefer to help and get it done. I think it helps the process to move faster.”

She said she does not wear heavy make-up, thoroughly washes it off before she sleeps. She also drinks lots of water.

A few years ago, Ferguson introduced her own perfume, True Self, which did not meet her expectations due to its high price. She put it on hold to focus on Connie Body

Care for women. In less than two years, she says it has sold at least 500 000 units.

Towards the end of next month, she will launch Connie Man which her husband, Shona Ferguson, wears and “loves”.

“I’ve had a lot of men saying ‘no, but why only the ladies’? Obviously there’s interest. It is lovely, they are going to love it.”

The couple have their own production company, Ferguson Films, and have produced a soap opera, Rockville. They are working on Igazi, a Xhosa drama series.

Despite having been married for many years, they are still head-over-heels in love.

“I love everything about my husband. I love even the things I don’t like about him,” says Ferguson. “He is an amazing human being.”

Some of the things her fans do not know about her are: “When I open my eyes I drink water because I keep a bottle of water next to my bed. The last thing that I do before I sleep is pray. That’s not last, because the last thing I do is to kiss my husband.”

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