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Die Antwoord rubbish exploitation claims

Zef rap-ravers Die Antwoord have responded to the recent claims of exploitation aimed at them with a low-key but very detailed explanation on Facebook.

The City Press recently published the damning claims of a Cape Town farmer called Andre Laubscher, who was speaking on behalf of The Glue Gang Boys, a ‘hip hop’ outfit he claimed to have taken under his wing.

Among these were allegations by crew member Wanga Jack, who accused the duo of not paying him any royalties for his contribution to their Evil Boy track, of stealing a rude Casper Evil Boy character he created, and of paying him a pittance during his time as their back-up dancer.

Taking to the comment section of an earlier Facebook page telling “little boyz who tell big lies” that they can “fool sum ppl sumtimez, but u can’t fool all da ppl all da time”, ¥o-landi Vi$$er gives a long and detailed account of their dealings with Wanga Jack and his involvement in Die Antwoord.

She claims Andre Laubscher isn’t really a farmer, but actually a guy squatting on a farm she stayed on “for a while when she didn’t have a place to stay, back when she was 19 years old”.

“But in South Africa if you squat on government land for long enough, you can’t get kicked off that easily, especially if you tell everyone that the farm is a ‘shelter’ for street kids,” she explains.

The eight-part account of their connection with her “best friend on the farm”, a “sweet kid called Wanga”, goes on to explain that they wrote his rap verse for ‘Evil Boy’, which he only translated into Xhosa.

She further refutes the claim that he was the creator of the Casper Evil Boy character, details the particulars of Wanga’s time as backing dancer, and claims that they parted ways with him when they realised that “EVERY single time we work with Wanga, he dwanks out. He’s not taking this music stuff seriously!”

“But with all this said, we still love Wanga,” she concludes.

“He’s just a bit lost, and getting ‘guidance’ from the wrong people…”

– TeamTalk

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