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Mmabatho Montsho opens up about her ancestral calling

Though she says she initially resisted the calling, she knew at some point she had to accept it, as she was 'destined for this'.

Director and filmmaker Mmabatho Montsho recently posted a picture of her gorgeous-looking self and wrote: “If you can still smile, then …”, leaving many wondering if she was referring to her ancestral calling.

“I was referring to the rough day I had. Not that. That’s very, very old news. Done and dusted years ago,” she responded to her followers.

Though some of her followers complimented her beautiful face beat and smile, some could not help but notice that Montsho was wearing traditional beads around her neck and hands.

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“Thokoza, gogo,” they said, as they congratulated her for having completed a traditional rite of becoming what her ancestors had called her to be.

Montsho confirmed to the Daily Sun that she had gone to thwasa and completed her training in 2012. She told the publication that she kept the matter private, as she had, at the time, not figured out how to deal with it.

Montsho said she had to take time off from the spotlight to focus on her calling, and now that it had been completed, she was “happy”. Without going into it too much, Montsho told the publication there were sacrifices she went through at the time of her training.

“I believe it was all worth it, as I was destined for this,” she was quoted as saying.

Though she started having visions from a young age, she said she knew her ancestors were calling her, as she also felt “tremendous energy flowing” in her.

“Initially, I resisted until I couldn’t anymore. My visions and dreams just concluded everything, and I knew it was time to connect,” she told the tabloid.

She also did not disclose if she had been called to be a diviner (sangoma) or a herbalist (inyanga).

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