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Idols SA: Will it be ‘Wash Me Ne-ne’ or ‘Bless My Sweating’?

The battle for the wooden mic seems to be getting tougher; Ayanda and Petrick refuse to let Mbishop take the title so early in the competition.  

Tonight, Idols SA was in Pretoria, and we must say, the city is a place of entertainment. We witnessed it all: from the very good singing to the most awkward dance moves and the judges, who added to the fun. However, tonight we also discovered that ProVerb is not as innocent as he sounds – the sarcasm and jokes he makes while keeping a straight face are just priceless.

If you missed the show, here is what went down.

We met Ongezwa Matshoba, the first contestant of the night, and she said it was her first time ever performing in front of people. We must say she was really good; in fact, the first four contestants were good and walked away with golden tickets.

Then things started getting awkward. We met Eugene from Bloemfontein. I was touched by his performance, he sounded so much like me (I have bad flu by the way). Anyway, Eugene attended a music school for a year and a half and he actually paid for it. The judges thought he was bad, but he wasn’t having any of it; Eugene says he will try again later this year on The Voice. Good luck Eugene, we hope you make it.

Thokozile Ndimande, who loves cooking, baking and singing, brought cake for the judges. Somizi, being the good cook he is, could not stop looking at the cake; in fact, he judged it more than her voice. “Slow down on the cream honey, it’s too much,” he said before he buried his face in it. At least she got the golden ticket, and ProVerb ate it.

And we met the performances of the night; Amos, Petrick Mashumu and Ayanda Ntame. These are people who make Idols SA what it is – the real performers who will stop at nothing to get their wooden mic.

Things started off on a bad note for Amos when he could not hear the buzzer instructing him to enter the audition venue – it had to go off a number of times before he realised the judges were ready for him. Somizi saw an opportunity to be a pastor or prophet for the night and grabbed it, shem.  We must say he performed better than all the other ones we have seen on TV. From calling the devil a liar to asking Amos to touch the TV screen – he did it all. Here we were thinking Somizi was a child of the light.

Soon we will be addressing Petrick as a hit maker, Bless My Sweating was indeed a hit, and the message was very good. We hope one of our talented DJs does a remix with this one because it promises to be a summer jam.

If we could all be as determined and hard-working as Ayanda, we would be far in life. Ayanda auditioned for a wooden mic in season 10 of the show and sang the hit song Orlando. Idols was kind enough to remind us, and, we must say, he did put up a performance and definitely deserved that wooden mic, though he said he never got it, as it got lost in the mail. So, he came back to defend his title and sang “wash me nene”.

Not even Keletso, who apparently sang massage music from the Far East and sounded like a whale, could match Ayanda’s talent. We’re not sure who is better though; Mbishop or Ayanda? You be the judge.

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