OMG! Indian matchmaking show is a must-watch

Ada kadavulae (Tamil for oh, my god), Netflix’s new series has got social media users in a frenzy.

If you haven’t yet watched Indian Matchmaking on Netflix, then you are really missing out on some eye-opening viewing.

The reality series, which is currently pulling in massive viewer numbers both in South Africa and abroad gives us a no-holds-barred look at just how much power Indian parents hold over who their children can and cannot marry.

Watch the trailer here:

Unlike those hugely successful Western shows such as Bachelor and Love is Blind, Indian Matchmaking brings to light the centuries-old custom of arranged marriages where families and friends have a big say in whether the couple is eligible for each other.

And, although the show is highly addictive, some of the requirements put down by mothers and father of the potential bride and groom will leave you gobsmacked.

From India to South Africa, viewers took to social media to express their opinions of the show – with some Twitter users describing it as a “cringe-fest”, while others could not contain their excitement about how binge-worthy it is.

Whatever the case, Netflix has once again proven that everything it touches turns to gold.

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