Sibabalwe Tunzi chats to us about her ‘Idols’ departure

Despite nasty comments from Twitter followers, Siba says she had the time of her life and would do it all again.

She is more popularly known as “the sister of South Africa’s Miss Universe” Zozibini Tunzi, but Idols contestant Sibabalwe Tunzi made it all by herself and says she loved the experience.

As one of the latest to depart from the singing show this week, Siba told The Citizen: “I had a great experience and learnt a lot from the judges as well as the other contestants.

Siba’s entry into the national talent show has been marred by nasty comments from Twitter users since the onset, with many expressing their disappointment her receiving a golden ticket to move onto the next round.

“Zozi’s little sister definitely won the golden ticket by mistake. She can’t sing,” wrote Sello.

Followers of Idols were a lot more vocal about her departure from the show, with some being downright nasty with comments like “LOL Finally the Universe Said No, not Namhlanje to Zozi’s Sister kwaaaaks” and “Zozi’s sister didn’t even do well for me ka auditions. I’m not surprised she didn’t make it #idolssa”.

However, Siba is thrilled she made it as far as she did and says there’s a time and place for everything.

“I did all I could do but it just wasn’t my time. I am grateful for the experience and the platform that Idols allows for people wishing to realise their dream of singing.

“I wish the remaining contestants all the best. They are an amazing group of talent and I know the competition is tough.”

Siba says her plan, for now, is to go back to the drawing board to work on her confidence and work harder on her voice.

“Anything could happen after this. You never know, you just might see me back on Idols.”

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