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By Hein Kaiser


Survivor SA: Here’s what went down in episode one

The first episode of Survivor SA promises more friction and more scheming than ever. Spoilers ahead!

Last night’s action in Survivor South Africa, Immunity Island saw its first contestant ejected at the tribal council.

The series features a cast of contestants who promise more friction and scheming than ever before. That is, if the first instalment of the series is anything to go by. Structural engineering draftsman Jason said cheers just an hour after his first hello.

Castaways were drawn into two tribal camps at the start, Zamba and Vuna. In Zamba are Amy, Marisha, Nicole, Qieän, Thoriso, Anela, Dino, Jason, Renier and Shaun. In the opposing Vuna tribe are Anesu, Carla, Pinty, Santoni, Wardah, Chappies, Kiran, Mike, Paul and Tyson.

Losing the fire challenge face off cost Jason his credibility right from the get-go but it was really, what looked like nervous scrumming, that got him ousted during the vote last night. It is a missed opportunity and now that Zamba is minus one, the instant dynamic changes in the tribe along with the advantage of numbers for Vuna may play a significant role in the next challenge.

Unlike previous seasons where the first few episodes sometimes were a slower ramp-up, Survivor’s eighth season saw an immunity necklace hunt, a supply gather and the introduction of something called a diplomatic immunity awarded to participants in the fire challenge.

Zamba also added to its upfront stash with a Tribe Advantage, a survival kit in essence, that castaway Renier discovered during the supply dash. Yet they cannot make fire yet, there was no flint inside.

While it is still a little early to figure out who is who in the zoo, it seems as if the tribes this time around have been selected by character profile to the absolute. Taking a helicopter view of the maybe and might happen, the stage is set for personal conflict, alliances and more this season, switching up pairings or groupings.

Dino liked playing the victim and early on isolated himself as a likely candidate for extinction, while ego clearly did not wash well with tribemates as blade brother Jason’s jitters ended up being the final nail in the coffin for the “Muhammad Ali of Survivor”. Jason and Shaun’s blade brother alliance did nothing to save him.

Thoriso got to see Immunity Island first after opting out of staying and playing after being sent there by Vuna. She lost her right to vote at Tribal Council after not making time but at least, had she been in the firing line, she would have had the safety of the necklace keeping her in the game.

Beyond the contestants, what was incredible to experience were the scenes where the Wild Coast’s beauty was showcased. We really live in an incredible country and who would have thought that right in our backyard the ideal location, that beats every other Survivor’s look and feel, is right in our backyard.

Now it is all about crossing fingers that load shedding will not interfere with next week’s action on Survivor South Africa, Immunity Island.

Episode two will air at 7.30pm next Thursday.


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