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This week on Isibaya

Here’s what to expect this week on Mzansi Magic’s popular soapie Isibaya.

Monday, 19 January 

Protecting your own
Mkabayi and Bhekimuzi are keeping a secret. Iris comes home. Is Mpiyakhe right to suspect Mkabayi on the tragic that happened?


Tuesday, 20 January 

Fearing for life
Goliath suggests that Bhekifa speaks to Simelani about his family. Mkabayi is unimpressed about Bhekimuzi’s work. Melusi fakes his sickness. What could he be up to?.


Wednesday 21 January

A warning to Qondi
Khanyi tells Mandla to be discreet to the chief about what happened to him. Mehl’mamba is frustrated about his reading problem. Goliath hits a nerve on Blade.


Thursday, 22 January 

Blade’s worst nightmare
Bhekifa takes the life of a family member. Khanyi warns Mandla not to double cross Bhekifa. Mandla closes his dirty business trade. An unfinished job haunts Blade.


Friday, 23 January 

Bhekifa’s state of mind
Mpiyakhe puts Iris and the wives in their place. Bhekifa’s guilt makes him pay for the funeral. Qondi is concerned about Bhekifa’s state of mind.

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