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Be on the lookout for snakes as the weather gets warmer

The metro advises residents to be cautious as snakes come out after the winter.

The weather is getting warmer as spring sets in and snakes will soon be coming out from hibernation hungry and in search of food.

The metro wishes to caution pet owners to be on high alert and keep an eye on their pets as they may fall prey to snakes.

Residents should not panic when they spot a snake in their living spaces.

However, they should always keep the snake in their vision at a distance of about five metres away, and not try to kill or handle the snake.

A snake should rather be given right of way instead of having its way blocked and sight of where it ends up should not be lost, while help is sought.

The Ekurhuleni region is prone to snakes due to the availability of the Blesbokspruit river system, Bullfrog Pan, Highveld grassland and many open spaces with good eco-systems that provide both food and shelter for snakes.



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Beware of the puff adder and rinkhals, as they are extremely dangerous with the puff adder known to be very instinctive, slow in pace and quick to sense danger.

The rinkhals, or ring-necked cobra, is a fast moving multi-feeder that is good at faking death.

It is easily identified by the two white stripes that are visible across its neck when it spreads its hood.

Not all snakes are poisonous; however, should a snake bite a resident it is advisable to visit a medical doctor immediately.

Furthermore, residents are cautioned to avoid snakes in their spaces by keeping the yard clean, as an untidy yard creates a habitat for rodents, which is the primary food source for snakes.

Use your municipal 240-litre wheelie bins to dispose of your refuse so that your litter does not provide food for rodents, which in turn will attract snakes.

Finally, when feeding your pets, put out enough for the day. Don’t have extra food on site in order to avoid feeding rodents.

If you encounter a snake, Germiston residents can contact their Customer Care Centre or snake catchers Makhosonke Mabena on 071 833 6549 and Sonny Katisa on 084 451 1288.


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