SAWRC searches for crow shooter

Davidson said the bullet used to shoot the crow had hit the wing joint.

The South African Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (SAWRC) has appealed to residents for information following the discovery of an injured pied crow in Bredell recently.

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“We received a call to fetch an injured crow, which we duly did,” said SAWRC’s Judy Davidson.

“The crow had been shot through the wing and had crashed in a crumpled mass on the grass. It suffered huge blood loss by the time we arrived,” she said.

Davidson said the bullet used to shoot the crow had hit the wing joint.

“It left a neat little entry hole on one side, and on the other side, sharp shards of bone had pushed out the joint, absolutely shattering it,” she added.

“As a reminder to residents, it is illegal to shoot wildlife without the necessary permits and despite air rifles no longer requiring licences, pellet guns may not be discharged in built-up areas.

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The law does not differentiate between discharging a pellet gun or a higher calibre firearm in suburban areas.

“Discharging without good reason may see you go to jail,” Davidson said.

She added that should volunteers find the cruel culprit behind the shooting, SAWRC would like to proceed with criminal charges under the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962.

“We will also push for charges under the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 for the use of a firearm in a residential area,” Davidson said.

Residents who may have more information on anyone shooting birds in Bredell or any area may contact SAWRC on 073 112 1131 or email

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