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Leaning streetlights in Sunnyridge put locals in danger

The residents are not just expressing their concerns; they are demanding action.

Sunnyridge residents are increasingly worried about the safety of their streetlights.

Reports of leaning, rusting, and collapsing streetlights have sparked community alarm and frustration.

Two streetlights have fallen this year, including one in front of Sunnyridge Primary School, which blocked the road.

Another streetlight on Castor Road leans towards a house.

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More streetlights lean precariously on Neptune Street near Solheim Retirement Village, Orient Street and Castor Road.

Residents fear they could fall over with the next strong winds.

Maria Nkosi, who walks to work daily, expressed her concern, ”I notice the streetlights leaning more each week, especially after windy days. I’m afraid they will fall, especially when children walk to school.”

Sunnyridge Primary School parent Lizzy Maseko reported a leaning streetlight earlier this year, which eventually fell into the street.

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“The city’s response was slow despite the danger to children. Now, more streetlights are starting to lean over,” she said.

Residents are not only voicing their concerns but also demanding action. They urge the city to inspect and repair the ageing streetlights.

Another streetlight on Neptune Street leans into the street, with its cables also hanging low.

“Immediate intervention is needed. We can’t wait until someone is injured. One of these streetlights is right at the retirement village gate. It is unacceptable,” Nkosi added.

“Weather conditions, heavy rains, and strong winds have deteriorated these structures,’ said Ward 36 Clr Wendy Morgan.

“The natural ageing of materials necessitates replacement or significant repairs.”

Morgan has reported the issue to the city but has not yet received feedback.

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“These streetlights are a threat and could fall during strong winds, potentially affecting the electricity,” she warned.

Germiston City News requested comment from the CoE but had received none at the time of going to print.

Another streetlight on Castor Road leans towards a house.
The streetlight outside the Solheim Retirement Home is few inches from falling over, with the cables also hanging low.

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