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Primrose athlete aims high in upcoming November competitions

“In the last championships, I failed to reach the finals of the two heat events and only dominated in the relay events, That gave me a chance to reflect on my goals.”

Athlete and Primrose Hill resident, Busisiwe Magwaza, is focused on beating her personal records before club competitions in November.

Magwaza competes in relay events and heats running 200m and 400m.

She competed in the relay events at the recent South African Schools National Championships, winning a gold medal.

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Busisiwe Magwaza believes she will earn podium positions ahead of upcoming competitions.

She feels, that despite these accomplishments, she still has a lot of work to do to realise her full potential.

She began playing sports in first grade just for pleasure; she had no idea that it would turn into a career.

“I used to play netball, but I had to give it up since it was not my sport. I feel content and free while I am on the track.

“My goal in the sports world is to leave a lasting legacy, which is why I switched coaches. My times and techniques have improved since I started training with my new coach, proving the effort is paying off. I want to earn podium positions from the next season.

“I adore the 200m. I prefer to give my opponents a false sense of hope at the beginning of the race; then charge full speed ahead in the final 100m.

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“In the last championships, I failed to reach the finals of the two heat events and only dominated in the relay events, which gave me a chance to reflect on my goals.

Busisiwe Magwaza continues to train to improve her performacnce.

“Since I am in Grade Seven, I aim to obtain a scholarship. Two offers were already on the table, and the family has been carefully weighing them up. I will be at their training trial camps soon.

“My family has always been the foundation of my strength, and I want to make them proud,” said Magwaza.
Magwaza aspires to intellectual balance in addition to athletic brilliance.

She likes to spend her free time being one with nature.

“I am still looking for a career to pursue in the plant-based industry because I adore plants,” she said.

“During my primary school years, I have also placed in the top three overall scorers in my grade three times, been named the top student for a particular subject in a grade, and received multiple awards.”

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Keamogetse Magwaza, her mother, expressed her pride in her daughter’s accomplishments in the classroom and the field.

“The past few years have demonstrated her tenacity and commitment. Although the journey has not been easy, she has persevered.

“I think she found what she loves and stuck with it. She is a young, intelligent girl; I can call her an A student.

“No matter how busy the sports calendar gets, she will always find time to read her books,” said Keamogetse.

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