Rapist gets four life sentences

Heidelberg Regional Court Magistrate ensures convicted rapist is locked away for good.

24-Year-Old Success Usinga was found guilty on four counts of rape and two counts of armed robbery in Heidelberg’s Magistrate Court. Mr Pieter du Plessis (Magistrate) sentenced Usinga on September 6 to 15 years imprisonment each on two counts of armed robbery and he received four life sentences on four counts of rape.
Usinga was arrested after he and two other robbers waylaid two 15-year-old boys in 2013 near Vosloorus and threatened them with a firearm and an axe. One boy got away and ran to a nearby police station. The other boy was forced to strip and the robbers then forced him to run away naked.
A few minutes later the suspects robbed a pregnant woman and her boyfriend and also gang raped the woman. Police arrived on the scene and managed to arrest Usinga. The other two suspects managed to get away.
The four life sentences and 30 years imprisonment will be running concurrently.

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