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How to trace your missing/stolen cellphone

NIGEL/HEIDELBERG - Did you know that when you lose your mobile phone, you can trace it without going to the police?

Most people normally fear their phones being stolen, but each cellphone carries a unique International Mobile Equipment Identity Number (known as IMAI).

This number can be used to track it down anywhere in the world by following these guidelines: Dial *#06# from your cellphone, your phone will reveal a unique 15 digit number, write this number down and keep in a secure place (except in your mobile phone itself).

In the unfortunate event of having your cellphone stolen, simply e-mail the 15 digit IMEI number to cop@vsnl.net with your name, address, phone model and make, the last used number and return e-mail address for communication. Also state the date it went missing.

Your cellphone will be traced within 24 hours after sending the email, via a complex GPRS and internet based system.

You will be notified via email where and by whom your hand set is being operated from, whereupon you report it to the police.

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