Let 2021 be your year of reinvention

Four valuable pieces of advice to maximise life.

Verwoerdpark authour Veli Ndaba said if 20-year-old him would share four valuable pieces of advice to maximise his life and become the best version of himself, he would share the following:

*The purpose of your life is to find your gift and passion.

The meaning of your life is to express and share your gift and passion to the world.
This is what makes you come alive.

*There are two courses two enroll for in life:

Survival and self-mastery.

A. Survival:

The survival course is the one that helps you survive and make a living. This is a job or career.
This is mainly done to get a job to make a living and provide for yourself and your loved ones.

B. Self-mastery:

The self-mastery course is about studying self, this happens outside the classroom.
This is about self-observation and deliberate consciousness on your natural abilities and passions.

*True happiness/contentment/joy is not something to be found somewhere out there in material things, people, places, and positions of power, No! It resides deep down within you.

*Success is a result of two things:

Choice and personal pride.

A. Choice. Success is something you choose. Since we are living in a world of duality, if you don’t choose success and greatness, you automatically choose failure and mediocrity.

B. Personal pride. By this, I’m in no way referring to ego. I am talking about that pride of knowing that you deserve better.

That pride of knowing that when you fall, you get yourself back up because you know you don’t belong down there.

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