Msukaligwa Municipality appeals for patience from communities regarding land and housing after recent land invasions

“We appeal to all those who are on the municipal housing waiting list, to be patient with Government,” Mr Joseph Mkhaliphi, Executive Mayor of Msukaligwa Municipality, says.

Msukaligwa Municipality appealed to all communities within the municipality to be patient and calm as the issue of land and housing will be resolved.

Council has been experiencing a number of land invasions in recent months with community members erecting structures and dwellings on municipal and privately-owned land around Msukaligwa, in towns like Warburton, Sheepmoor and Ermelo, to name a few.

As previously reported in numerous articles in the Highvelder, Wesselton residents have invaded land continuously in Extensions 8, 7 and the recently formed Steve Biko Informal Settlement.

The municipality has also consistently attempted to remove the invaders and obtained a court order and an interdict to restrain people from erecting any dwellings or structures in Ext 7.

Steve Biko residents were allowed to stay after an agreement with owners of the land they had invaded.

The owner of land in Wesselton, Ext 8 evicted residents, leaving some families homeless.

The police were also directed to take all steps which may be necessary to give effect to the orders.

The executive mayor of Msukaligwa, Mr Joseph Mkhaliphi, said the municipality’s efforts to provide decent human settlements can only be achieved through the cooperation of the communities.

“We appeal to those who are on the municipal housing waiting list, to be patient with the government.”

“Government has always endeavoured within the limited resources, to uphold the constitutional rights of the citizens by providing decent housing for most of the qualifying residents in an orderly and sustainable manner,” Mr Mkhaliphi said.

The mayor also expressed concerns over the illegal occupation of land in most of the areas in Msukaligwa and warned that action will be taken against residents who contravene laws that regulate the unlawful occupation of land.

The mayor further said that they are concerned over illegal land occupation as it not only causes financial burdens on the municipality.

“This poses serious health hazards to people as there are no basic services such as water and sewerage and some of the land not suitable for human occupation,” the executive mayor, Mr Joseph Mkhaliphi said.

“We understand that the community needs places to erect their shelters, but it cannot be done through illegal means. Action will be taken against those who contravene the laws,” Mr Mkhaliphi warned.

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