Workshop at Cassim Park Hall sheds light on illegal gambling

MER tackles the prohibited gambling operations.

The Mpumalanga Economic Regulator (MER) recently hosted a crucial workshop at Cassim Park Hall on prohibited gambling operations.

The workshop, which aimed to provide comprehensive insights into illegal gambling, was attended by esteemed guests, such as Lieutenant Colonel Monashane, the designated liquor officer commander and various Gert Sibande District Vispol members.

Judith Khoza, a prominent figure within the MER, took the stage to elaborate on the purpose of the workshop. She emphasised the need for the authorities to, “get our house in order first before we go out into the community.”

This statement underscored the importance of equipping police officers with the necessary knowledge and understanding of illegal gambling operations.

The workshop delved into various fundamental concepts related to legal gambling, including the licensing process and application procedures.

Lieutenant Colonel Monashane, Gcina Mashaba and Judith Khoza, a prominent figure within the MER.

The session also focused on exploring the different types and concepts associated with the illicit gambling trade.

Gcina Mashaba, the inspectorate manager of the MER, condemned prohibited gambling operations in his address.

He emphasised the need for gamblers to be controlled within a regulated gambling environment.

Lieutenant Colonel Monashane and Gcina Mashaba, the inspectorate manager from the MER, elaborating on prohibited gambling operations.

Mashaba stressed that the purpose of the workshop was to dismantle and expose prohibited gambling operations, ultimately ensuring the safety and well-being of society at large.

The MER’s initiative to host this workshop highlights its commitment to combating illegal gambling activities and protecting the community from the adverse effects of such operations.

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