These foods should NEVER be kept in the fridge

While we think you’re really cool, some foodstuffs prefer to be a little warmer.

TO chill, or not to chill?

The Newfoxy.com website offers this list of goodies which it says are best left out of the fridge:

1) Bananas:


Bananas should never be refrigerated as they retain their nutritional value far better when stored at room temperature.  If the fruit is not yet ripe, refrigeration will slow the ripening process.

2) Potatoes: 


These should be kept in a cool, dry and dark place, as according to some potato growers, refrigeration could cause the starch to convert to sugar more rapidly. Store them unwashed,  a well-ventilated container.

3) Onions:


Storing onions in the fridge will turn them soft and mouldy. Unpeeled onions should also not be stored in plastic bags. Peeled onions may in the fridge, in a covered container.

4) Avocados:


Unripe avos should not be refrigerated.  Wrap in newspaper and store in a dark cupboard until ripe. Don’t forget about them!

5) Garlic:


Believe it or not, keeping garlic in the fridge will actually cause it to sprout, and it will turn mouldy and rubbery.

6) Bread:


Nothing dries out bread faster than your refrigerator.  The low temperature will make the bread tough and chewy, and will go stale faster.

7) Tomatoes:


Tomatoes tend to lose their flavour if refrigerated, and refrigeration will also halt the ripen process.For best results, keep tomatoes in a basket or a bowl on the counter.

8) Honey:


Honey will stay good for years if stored in a sealed container. Placing honey in your refrigerator will speed up crystallisation, spoiling the texture and making it difficult to use.

9) Olive Oil:


Storing olive oil in a fridge will turn it solid. Instead, keep it in dark, cool place.

10) Peanut Butter:


Unless you enjoy hard and dry peanut butter, don’t keep it in the fridge. Keep it smooth, soft and ready for spreading by storing it in your grocery cupboard.


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