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Another truck crash in Pinetown

Traffic was delayed at the Field's Hill offramp onto Old Main Road as paramedics worked to free a driver trapped in a truck.

A DRIVER was trapped in his vehicle when two trucks collided at the bottom of Field’s Hill this afternoon. This follows a truck collision on the N3 in which one person died this morning.

According to onlookers, the robots at the Field’s Hill offramp and Old Main Road were out. It is believed that the smaller truck coming from the Field’s Hill offramp smashed into the side of the larger truck at the intersection.

One of the truck’s carriages was pushed outwards from the impact and sideswiped the rear left hand window of a light motor vehicle.

ER24, Rescue Care, VEMA and the Fire Department were on scene. A tow truck was used to slowly pull the smaller truck away from the crash scene to allow the paramedics more room to free the injured man.

Two lanes were closed while the paramedics attempted to free the driver from the vehicle. According to Shannon Charles, the operational manager for VEMA, the driver of the smaller truck was moderately injured, with possible injuries to his neck and back.

He was carefully removed from the vehicle, placed on a stretcher and stabalised before he was taken to a hospital. The driver of the other truck is believed to be uninjured.

“Our first concern is that our driver and all of the other people involved in the accident are alright,” said Shona Jung, PA at Capstone Seeds South Africa. She was unable to provide further comment regarding the details of the accident.

GALLERY: Another truck crash in Pinetown


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