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Young Highway singer gets closer to her dreams

Kloof High School learner releases a new single.

KLOOF High School music sensation Shardenay Thompson is on her way to becoming a superstar as she has just released her single, Come Closer. The songbird, who is also the head girl of her school, says her love for music started at a young age as she was always surrounded by music. She spoke to the Highway Mail about her journey.

“When I was eight, my mom saw potential in me, and as a musically inclined person, she started directing me. She would tell me when I was off-key or advise me on the notes. I would sing a lot.

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“When I got to Grade Six, my mom bought me a purple guitar. I started learning to play, and I went to music lessons. After that, I was inspired to write songs, and that’s when my mom was pleasantly surprised.

“In Grade Eight, I met a producer, Harrison Crump, whom I gave my demo to, and we agreed that I would record a song. He sent me the beat, and I wrote the chorus and the first verse.

“From there, I met someone else who organised gigs for me. That’s when I performed around Durban a lot. I was also part of the Best so Far band – I did a lot of gigs with that band. After some time, I started going to Johannesburg more often to record songs, writing most of the songs myself and coming up with the melodies,” she explained.

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The Come Closer singer said her single is a culmination of her craft so far as she is headed to go further in her music career.

“Being able to write, being able to write the lyrics and come up with the melodies, with the opportunity I was given by my producer, and my mother’s support, all built up to this single, which is also my favourite. It also showcases the most growth, and that makes me happy because in the song, there are complex things I never thought I would be able to do a few years ago, so for me, this is a proud moment,” she said.

Furthermore, the songstress said she is grateful to the Kloof High School community that has supported her, as well, and given her the platform to perform and showcase her talent.

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The Grade 12 learner has decided that with the help of her mother, she will focus on music when she finishes high school.

“For the past year, school has taken priority, and next year will be the first time I focus on music fully. I am excited about that,” she said.

According to the record label, Come Closer is a teenage anthem capturing the excitement and innocence of youthful infatuation. The song can be found on all digital music platforms.

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