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Fabulous Reads: Psychological thriller turns into guilty pleasure

Book review - The Guilty Couple by CL Taylor

The Guilty Couple, CL Taylor, Jonathan Ball Publishers, ISBN: 9780008394060

OLIVIA Sutherland has been robbed of five years of her life. She spent it in prison after she was wrongly convicted of the attempted murder of her husband.

Now that she is free, how far will she go to prove her innocence, or rather, how far will those who framed her go in their attempts to stop her?
Sounds like a real page turner, doesn’t it? And while it was an overall easy read with a satisfying end, it just failed to blow me away.

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Olivia was not really an endearing character, and I failed to connect with her. There was a lot about the book that demanded that one suspend disbelief.

Then there were the unexplored storylines, the missed opportunities and illogical decisions that cost the book some notability. However, the plot twists and red herrings left by the unreliable narrators, as well as the much richer and endearing side characters, earned it a few stars.

The author managed to capture Olivia’s rage and sense of helplessness perfectly for me, and I really did, despite not entirely liking her, root for her to succeed. It did not help that the ‘bad guys’ were easy to despise. – Mariclair Smit 3/5 stars

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