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Youth Day – why we celebrate and this year’s theme

The South African government has dedicated the commemoration of Youth Month this year to actively advancing the socio-economic gains of our democracy and encouraging participation in sport to develop the youth of our country.

OUR National Youth Day is a commemoration of the June 16, 1976, student uprising in Soweto. On that day, a group of young people protested against the Bantu Education Act which was a law of the apartheid government that enforced Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in schools.

According to history, heavily armed police opened fire on the students who were protesting, resulting in the tragic loss of many lives.

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In honour of their lives and many sacrifices, we commemorate National Youth Day on June 16 every year since 1994. 

For this year’s commemoration of Youth Month, the South African government has chosen the theme ‘Actively advancing socio-economic gains of our democracy’, which has added significance as it coincides with the celebration of 30 Years of Freedom.  

“Amongst other key areas, this year’s Youth Month commemoration focuses on sports for the development of our youth and our nation and includes various developmental activities that will be held around the country in the lead-up to Youth Day.

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“Sport has the power to positively impact the lives of youth and help them tackle some of the challenges they face. Through sport, the youth can unlock opportunities for growth and investment.

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