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Unrepaired water leak damages Glenpark property

A homeowner has appealed to the City to fix a water leak on Violet Road which is now destroying his property.

A MONTH has passed since a water leak emerged under Violet Road. A fed-up Glenpark resident, who reached out to the Highway Mail, said the leak emerges from under the road that runs alongside his residence and has resulted in his driveway being flooded.

Teddy Soobramoney said he reported the leak a month ago, and the eThekwini Municipality have failed to repair it on three occasions.

“When the water leaks, it enters my property near my retaining wall and floods my driveway. The water has been leaking continuously for the past four weeks and messing up my driveway and garden.”

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The homeowner said has made numerous complaints, but the matter is still not resolved.

“The only things I get are empty promises. I have been told that the matter would be escalated for urgent attention. However, to date, no one has arrived to fix up the water leak. My property is in a mess due to the water leaking into it and to my exterior house walls and draining into the drainage system.

“To me, it seems that the staff at eThekwini Municipality are not interested in following up and resolving this problem,” said the frustrated resident.

Soobramoney said he is at his wits’ end, and he does not know what else to do other than going public with this matter.

“I have been patient. I have followed all proper channels, but I cannot take it anymore – my property is getting damaged. This is a City issue as the origin of the problem is on the public roadway but damaging my private property.

“I would appreciate it if this matter could be resolved soon; the municipality also needs to clean up the mess on my property and the rising damp on my house walls,” he said.

eThekwini Municipality did not respond to Highway Mail’s query by the time of going to production.

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