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Kloof Scout Hall in need of more upgrades

Those who are the driving force behind the Kloof Scout Hall Project have appealed for assistance to fix the floor, the kitchen and the fence, among other things.

THE incredible support from the Kloof community, volunteers and businesses has assisted in uplifting the condition of the Kloof Scout Hall.

The funds raised went towards fixing the roof, bathroom paint, plumbing and electricity.

The reviving of the hall started when the owners of Dance2Dance studios and Kloof residents, Alain and Mell Rijnvis, were searching for new premises for their dance studio when they stumbled upon the Kloof Scout Hall.

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After seeing the condition of the hall, the couple said they felt the need to do something to help improve and uplift the community venue.

They then launched the The Kloof Scouts Hall Project to help gather support and raise funds for the much-needed revamp.

“The hall was dilapidating due to years of neglect which was caused by the Covid-19 restrictions and then the floods.

“No maintenance was being done, and it was deteriorating rapidly. The hall was opened in 1972, and our aim is to fix the whole hall – keep it usable for another 50 years to come.”

As much as it is a Scout hall, Rijnvis said the Kloof Scouts do not have enough members to sustain the monthly expenses to run the hall.

Another Kloof resident, Leigh Calder, said the funds were raised by hosting different fundraisers, such as movie night and markets.

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“The hall is used for meetings, as a venue for various functions, and the money that people pay helps towards the upliftment of the hall. We want to refurbish this hall so it can attract more people for venue hire.”

She thanked everyone who come on board to help.

“We are still looking for more sponsors as we wish to fix the floor, the kitchen and the fence, among other things,” she said.

People who wish to assist can email kloofscouthallops@gmail.com or contact 074 124 0170.

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