What you should have in your toolbox

To become a DIY diva, you need to build up a basic toolbox for your home — there’s nothing worse than attempting a DIY task and not having what you need. Here are some essentials to get you started:


Safety goggles: They may be ‘geeky’, but you need them for most home cleaning, repair or building jobs to help protect your eyes


Power drill: An absolute must for putting up pictures or doors. A high quality 500 to 600-watt drill will do, and it’s not worth penny-pinching here.

Claw hammer: Hammers come in different sizes and weights, and with different faces and ends. For most projects, the traditional claw-end style will work.


Junior hacksaw: Great for all those metal odds and ends that need cutting when scissors just won’t do!

Stanley knife: Perfect for stripping wire when installing a plug or cutting string etc.

Spirit level: A must if you’re hanging anything like pictures, curtains and shelving.

Shifting spanner: This tool will be able to grab 98% of things you will work on.

Hilti hammer, nails and caps

Insulation tape for basic electrical work.

Masking tape to section off skirting boards when you’re painting.

Drill bits for wood, masonry and metal

Insulated needle nose pliers: These can be used for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts, as well as for bending wires or small pipes.

And, of course, a sturdy toolbox to keep all your tools safe.

Tape measure: The best measuring tape to buy is the retractable metal type – a 5-m one is more than adequate.

Screwdrivers: Get an electric one if you have the budget, otherwise make sure you have a few different sizes of star and flat screwdrivers.


Varying set of screws and nails: Nail and screw kits are available at most hardware stores.

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