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President Hyper responds to alleged assault video

A video that shows a man manhandling a car guard in the parking area has set social media alight.

A video in which a man manhandles a car guard after allegedly assaulting him has set tongues wagging on social media.

Locals claim that the car guard was assaulted because he could not communicate in Afrikaans with the man who was manhandling him in President Hyper‘s parking area in Krugersdorp.

In the video it is not clear what the commotion is about.

The News contacted President Hyper to find out more about this incident.

“We have investigated the incident and we have just concluded a meeting with the company that is in charge of our car guards.

It has been decided that going forward, should a similar incident occur, our general manager will be informed immediately to enable us to take appropriate action by removing the offending party and involving the police when necessary,” President Hyper’s CEO, Basil Synodinos said.

Basil said that President Hyper strongly condemns any incident of this nature and vowed to act appropriately and in the manner that the situation deserves should such situations be brought to management’s attention in future.

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