Prepaid water and electricity vending system change announced

The municipality says some clients may experience problems with prepaid water and electricity vouchers due to a change in its vending system.

Mogale City Revenue Services has announced that the municipality has changed its vending system provider from EasyPay to MBL Smartphones effective from December 1.

In a statement issued, the municipality confirmed that during this transition period, some clients may experience problems with vouchers that do not load on the meter.

In such instances, the system will either not recognise the meter, or indicate it as invalid or retail outlets where clients usually purchase prepaid water and electricity will experience connectivity issues with the MBL system.

Clients that experience such challenges are advised to contact the customer care line on 086 166 4253 or send a WhatsApp to 083 787 2814 for urgent assistance.

A complete list of active vending platforms or outlets will be published on the municipal website in the next few days, however, most of the stores that clients have been able to buy from will be activated and sell water and electricity as usual. Clients can currently buy prepaid electricity and water from the municipal offices or on their respective bank applications.

“We apologise for the inconvenience,” the municipality stated.

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