Recurring issues and tariff hikes hot topics at recent Mogale council meeting

Council meeting addresses and discusses issues across town.

The town’s council gathered at Town Hall recently to discuss pressing matters concerning Mogale City.

According to caucus leader Tyrone Grey, this was the ninth ordinary council meeting, and he supplied the Krugersdorp News with an overview of the discussion, which addressed the following problems:

Water samples from rivers polluted by the Percy Stewart Waste Water Treatment Works.

• Water

One of the opposition parties indicated the need to prioritise the Percy Stewart Waste Water Treatment Works by ring-fencing the funds needed to ensure that the plant complies with operations and effluent discharge. This matter is urgent and requires critical intervention. The council acceded to the request and highlighted that funds will be dedicated to the functionality of the wastewater treatment works.

“Councillor Gwen Britz further raised concerns relating to the sanitation project at plot 11, Honingklip,” Gray said. The executive mayor then responded the project will be closely monitored to ensure compliance.

There are also tariff increases concerning this, namely water and sanitation with a 5.9% increase for both.

• Electricity

Councillor Jaco Holtzhausen said that the electricity tariffs should be revised and restructured more cost-effectively for residents, the proposed 12.74% increase is a huge blow to consumers, especially given the cost-of-living crisis affecting many households, relief is therefore required and should be considered.

Alderman Jacqui Pannall added that Mogale City needs to be more sustainable, especially regarding energy.

The Krugersdorp Museum before its refurbishment.

• Service delivery and infrastructure

Councillor Lynette Zwankhuisen mentioned that Impala Road in Mindalore has not been rehabilitated while being on the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) in previous years and publicised that petitions have been submitted and indicated that the matter will continue to be championed.

Gray added that councillor Devin Nieuwenhuizen explained the IDP must be more than a copy-paste exercise and that the residents are the lifeblood of the municipality; the entire existence of the municipality impinges on the residents.

“Matters such as grass-cutting, road repairs, and streetlighting, to name a few issues, are operational basics, and it is disheartening that service delivery basics are not addressed timeously. Major projects should be itemised and detailed with separate indicators so that adequate controls for each project are monitored,” Nieuwenhuizen continued.

Councillor Mark Trump enquired regarding the municipal museum refurbishment’s capital funds to ensure that the project is timeously completed so that the council can enhance revenue streams from holistic tourism, and historical appreciation of our rich diversity.

The DA indicated that the budget should be amended to accommodate these relevant inputs for the benefit of the residents and will then consider approval thereof. However, the proposed revisions we not accommodated, and the budget was approved with the support of ANC, EFF, ATM, IFP and PAC.

Refuse removal will also increase by 4.9%.

Residents clean the Kenmare Kloof.

• Nature

Holtzhausen managed to table the motion for the closure of the Kenmare Kloof to create controlled access as well as to protect the valuable biodiversity for future generations and force Mogale to adhere to by-laws and legislation.

• The residents

“Councillor Aletta van Loggerenberg managed to get an additional recommendation accepted which creates a feedback loop relating to issues and inputs given by the residents and the progress thereon, as well as submitting a motivation that a grace period should be afforded to vulnerable households,” Gray stated.

Councillor Lynn du Toit indicated that security measures to create safer spaces as well as protect infrastructure should be investigated and implemented, and not only CCTV cameras.

Property tariffs will also increase by 4.9%.

• Other sectors

“Councillor Sharon Govindasamy alluded to the executive committee not being supportive concerning stimulating science, technology, engineering, agriculture, and medicine within our local municipality. The executive committee indicated that more attention will be given to these important disciplines,” Gray continued.

Councillor Chris van der Westhuizen championed the needs of the agricultural sector and rural clusters from Hekpoort, Tarlton, and Magaliesburg, indicating the need to streamline and support the agricultural sector as a critical part of national food security and requests that the rural areas be shown more support and inclusion in the operations of Mogale City Local Municipality (MCLM).

Other tariffs will also increase by 4.9%.

The News has given MCLM ample time to comment on the meeting, however, no response was received at the time of print. Their feedback will be published once received.

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