Comrades: Three Bill Rowan medals for Road Runners

The Road Runners show off their achievements at this year's Comrades Marathon.

The Road Runners had 23 athletes compete in this year’s Comrades Marathon.

According to the Road Runners statistician, Leon Roussouw, they also had five novices (first-time Comrades runners) competing.

β€œThe Comrades is important to us. The Road Runners has been competing in the Comrades since 1971, with an average of around 30 of our athletes competing in the marathon. We even had over 100 athletes competing in the 2010 Comrades,” Leon said.

Before the marathon, he said that all their athletes would finish it in under 12 hours, as they trained hard. All their runners finished the marathon, except for one. The last of the Road Runners to finish was Charleen Pretorius who finished at 11:49:03.

Athlete Ronel van Graan said she trained hard for it, and she started training six months ahead of the marathon for hours every week.

She added that it was this was a special Comrades for her because it was the first time she and her daughter competed together in the marathon.

Ronel finished in a time of 09:13:09 and finished 4 001st overall.

Trymore Masebe was the club’s top finisher.

Leon added their winner was Trymore Masebe, who finished the marathon at 07:46:03 and placed 1 090th, where by the time he finished, had a time-to-distance ratio of 5:25 min/km. He was rewarded a Bill Rowan medal for his time.

Their Novice runner, Crystal Muller, finished the marathon at 09:51:52 and finished 6 182nd, where she did her first five and a half kilometres with a time and distance ratio of 7:22 min/km.

Leon concluded that the Road Runners achieved three Bill Rowan, six Robert Mtshali, six bronze, and seven Vic Clapham medals in total.

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