Family geared for 947 Kids Race

The family speaks about their journey through the Little Heroes of Hope and the MDFSA Foundation.

With just four months to go until the 947 Ride Joburg Kids Race, the Liebenberg family from Ontdekkers Park is gearing up and training hard to support a cause that resonates deeply with their hearts.

Innus Liebenberg, the father of Waldo Liebenberg, says they joined the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation of South Africa (MDFSA) and the Little Heroes of Hope Cycling team through a family friend in 2022, who took them through the journey and explained the heartwarming cause of their support.

The Little Heroes of Hope is a team of young children who cycle to raise awareness and donations for the MDFSA’s Gauteng Branch, and they participate in the 947 Ride Joburg Kids Race every year.

Muscular dystrophy is a group of diseases causing muscle weakness and loss due to abnormal gene mutations, affecting various types, and affecting childhood and late adulthood.

Waldo and Innus during the 2023 race. Photo: Supplied.

As a former rider and cyclist, Innus explained that it was easy for him to jump in and participate with his son.

“We are a Christian family, and we’ve made it a tradition for our kids to support foundations and charities, and it’s something we wish they could grow with and instil in their children as well. Yes, kids love cycling, but they must understand why they’re doing it.

“It’s always a good vibe and energy to see kids doing a sport that they’re passionate about for a good cause,” Innus said.

Innus and Waldo are set to participate, and according to Innus, this journey not only showcases their passion for cycling but also promotes a healthy lifestyle among young minds.

The children have set a target of R20 000 to be raised before they take part in the race in November. They would like to appeal to the public to donate in support of their efforts to reach their target.

For more information, contact Robert Scott, the business development manager, via email at or on 011 472 9824.

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