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Shenrina Badri
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28 Aug 2017
10:17 pm

Do you have insomnia?

Shenrina Badri

There are two types of insomnia namely acute and chronic insomnia.

Acute insomnia can last for a few days to a few weeks but less than a month. Treatment or intervention may not be necessary. Acute insomnia may occur for example, when a person in under pressure at work.

Chronic insomnia occurs when a person experiences difficulty in sleeping for at least three nights a week, for more than a month. Some form on intervention may be needed to help treat the insomnia. Chronic insomnia can result from depression, anxiety, a medical condition or even be a side-effect to a particular medication.

Get a good night’s rest

Consider some of the following ideas in helping you to get a good night’s rest:

Ensure that your bedroom is cool, dark, as well as quiet. Switch any electronic devices off, especially if they give off light or make a sound that could disturb you.

Try to keep to a sleep schedule – go to bed at the same time every day.

Lifestyle habits such as exercising and avoiding caffeine during the late afternoon may help you to sleep better.

Ensure that your mattress, pillow as well as bedding are comfortable and support a restful period for you.

See your doctor

Always see your doctor if you are suffering from insomnia and require a suitable treatment option.

Source: Brochure on Insomnia, distributed by MedInformer

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