Joanne Moore
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24 Oct 2017
8:00 am

Your daily horoscopes

Joanne Moore

Joanne Madeline Moore has been a professional astrologer and writer since 1994. Her daily, weekly and yearly horoscopes are published on five continents.

Joanne Moore

Scorpio 24 Oct – 22 Nov

With Jupiter jumping through your sign, your motto for the moment is from Scorpio singing and song-writing legend Joni Mitchell “I want to have fun; I want to shine like the sun.”

Sagittarius 23 Nov – 21 Dec

Avoid being blunt and insensitive. A family member has a lot of things to deal with that are going on behind the scenes. See if you can support them in a kind and considerate way.

Capricorn 22 Dec – 20 Jan

Are you a Capricorn who criticises and tries to control others? Communicating with family, friends and colleagues in a caring and compassionate way brings many rewards today.

Aquarius 21 Jan – 19 Feb

Education, study, travel and adventure are favoured today as you give your mind and body a thorough workout. Strive to be extra compassionate towards a stressed colleague.

Pisces 20 Feb – 20 Mar

You’re at your creative and spiritual best today, so make the most of it. It’s the perfect time to daydream, dance, draw, sing, write, play music, paint, meditate or just contemplate.

Aries 21 Mar – 20 Apr

Creativity and compassion are highlighted, as you dream a big dream or start pursuing an ambitious goal. Plus spend quality time with a family member or favourite four-legged friend!

Taurus 21 Apr – 21 May

With three planets visiting your health and fitness zone, shake out the running shoes and get physical in the gym or outdoors. And modify your diet to include more nourishing meals.

Gemini 22 May – 21 Jun

Your imagination really takes off today, especially at school or work. If you steer clear of tempting distractions, then you’ll enjoy collaborating with friends and/or colleagues in creative ways.

Cancer 22 Jun – 23 Jul

Creative communication is the key to having a positive and productive day. But, if you have an ongoing health issue, maybe it’s time to be extra thorough and get a second opinion?

Leo 24 Jul – 23 Aug

Leos love the limelight. You adore being the centre of attention, but is it time to let a loved one have their moment in the sun? Step to the sidelines for a while, and watch them shine.

Virgo 24 Aug – 23 Sep

The buzz word today is communication. Creative conversations are favoured, as you get your point of view across to other people. And receive important and compassionate feedback in return.

Libra 24 Sep – 23 Oct

Today, do your best to nurture a very special person – you. Plus give fair-weather friends the flick, as you surround yourself with positive people who boost your Libran self-esteem.