Thami Kwazi
Lifestyle Print Editor
1 minute read
10 Jul 2019
1:26 pm

Tried & tested trends: Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel

Thami Kwazi

Suffering from extra dry skin is a curse, especially during the winter months.

Picture: iStock

I’m not a huge fan of applying lotion in winter because at times it just seems to seep into the skin, leaving no protective barrier and you look drier than before.

My go-to method of moisturising is to apply oils. But it’s difficult to apply oil if you’re going to wear a cotton shirt in the morning.

The immediate solution would be to apply a combination of oil or petroleum jelly.

The solution: Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel

I stumbled upon an interesting and effective product at the supermarket a couple of months ago that has the texture of petroleum jelly yet the longevity and absorption of an oil.

Picture: Bio Oil

On further investigation, I discovered that this gel was formulated to treat serious skin ailments such as dehydrated skin, peeling, flaking, cracking and to prevent you from looking all around ashen and dry.

The scent also goes a long way because it stays on your skin, leaving you with a fresh, light fragrance that isn’t overpowering but lasts throughout the day.

I tested the gel for three weeks and found that my dry spots were smoother and softer.

Definitely something to add to the winter beauty regime.

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