Thami Kwazi
Lifestyle Print Editor
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4 Dec 2019
12:59 pm

Tried & tested trends: Sun cream

Thami Kwazi

One of the key ingredients in Everysun is aloe vera, which is calming and treats dehydration.

Picture: iStock

Skin cancer being such a topical issue, the need for the right treatment is key.

Shopping for the correct skincare sun range at an affordable price, I found Everysun SPF 20 products.

Nobody desires that ashen grey residue that some sunscreens leave on the skin, which is why a waterproof sunscreen is great, because it is generally absorbed quicker into the skin without residue and hue changes.

Brand manager Nikki Flangan explained the need for an affordable sun care cream that meets the needs of the everyday busy consumer.

Everysun Aloe Vera.

“Our customers are craving a product that will take as little time as possible out of their day to apply – so no extra step – and yet will still provide the protection they need, without the negative effects such as uneven, dry, or flaky skin.”

Everysun has ranges for adults and kids, with warm summer scents, ingredients like vitamins, super fruit extracts and UVA and B filters.

One of the key ingredients is aloe vera, which is calming, helps prevent and treat inflammation and treats dehydration.

It comes in different-sized bottles if you want to try out the smaller bottle first.

Priced from: R49.95 at Dis-Chem.

Everysun Cocoa Butter.

Find the right sun care product, that will not only moisturise but protect your skin:

1. Look for a waterproof sunscreen.

2. Get an SPF that is high.

3. Always cover up with a hat.

4. Dress your children in longer swimwear that protects their skin.

5. Carry an umbrella in your car or when walking long distances.

6. Be mindful of how much time you spend in the sun.

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