Michelle Loewenstein
1 minute read
4 Aug 2014
2:46 pm

#CakeBossSelfie winner meets Buddy Valastro (video)

Michelle Loewenstein

Screaming fans, a crowded Coca-Cola Dome and Beatlemania-style hysteria…

Celebrity chef Buddy Valastro with The Citizen’s #CakeBossSelfie winner, Belinda de Jager. Picture: Neil McCartney

While this might sound like the description of a Justin Bieber concert, this scene unfolded at The Good Food and Wine Show, where thousands of people craned and crammed to set eyes on Cake Boss star Buddy Valastro.

The lucky winner of The Citizen’s #CakeBossSelfie competition, Belinda de Jager from Yumi Stuff, arrived with a beautiful cake for Valastro to look at There was chaos when Valastro arrived at the venue to judge a wedding cake competition, and De Jager had to carefully dodge the madness in order to safely deliver her creation to Valastro.

Belinda De Jager brought along this beautiful cake for Valastro to look at.

Belinda De Jager brought along this beautiful cake for Valastro to look at.

Luckily she was whisked off to a quiet green room where she was able to meet the man himself. Valastro was warm and gracious, and gave hugs to her and a young fan that was brought to meet him.

Her mother tearfully explained that her daughter was going blind, and meeting Valastro was one of the things she wanted to do before she lost her sight. Valastro held her in a long, fatherly embrace and quietly said a few words to her, which immediately brought a smile to her face.

De Jager left armed with a signed cookbook and chef’s hats, as well as high praise from Valastro, who said she had made a great cake.