Arthur Goldstuck
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25 May 2021
12:36 pm

Devices to support work – from wherever you may be

Arthur Goldstuck

5 questions for MOFT-Z 5-in-1 laptop desk and Griffin elevator laptop stand.

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Mobility: devices to support work

What is it?

Innovative and elegant new units for the “anywhere office”, easy to cart between office, home and park, and adaptable to a variety of situations.

The MOFT-Z 5-in1 foldable laptop desk is based on a Z-structure design, and offers five modes of use.

Adjustable laptop stand, Image supplied

It includes four different angles – ranging from 25° to 60°, the latter ideal for propping up an iPad or other tablet.

It also folds into a small, raised table, for when one needs to raise a laptop for an improved video-conferencing level.

The Griffin Elevator laptop stand offers only the latter function, but pairs neatly with the MOFT-Z, enabling standing use of a laptop when both are set up and used together on a desk or table.

How much is it?

MOFT-Z 5-in1 foldable laptop desk: R999 from iStore. Griffin elevator laptop stand: R899 from iStore.

Why should you care?

When the pandemic first sent office workers packing, home offices around the world were set up with whatever accessories were handy or could be acquired quickly.

The result is that most home offices are makeshift, and not as portable as one would wish.

It means one is often stuck with the initial home set-up, at a time when working modes are becoming increasingly flexible.

MOFT-Z 5-in1 foldable laptop desk,Image supplied

That means the home office must become the “anywhere office”, and accessories must be simple and portable.

A further challenge to the aspirant anywhere office worker is that it has become clear that the impact of the pandemic on the work environment was not limited to 2020.

Many businesses are preparing themselves for long-term remote working, and looking for ways to make this mode of work more effective.

What are the biggest positives?

They are both lowcost devices, compared to the investment typically made in a laptop.

They are both elegant, making an ideal replacement for the typical delivery box approach used in many home offices. (Full disclosure: I used Netflorist boxes before trying these stands.)

The MOFT-Z is exceptionally lightweight, as it is made of polyurethane and fibre glass, is a mere 12.7mm thick when folded up, and weighs 890g.

The Griffin elevator laptop stand is made of brushed aluminium, which looks great if one has a thing about desk decor.

The laptop stand design is based on office ergonomics site’s recommendation that one should position the top of the screen level with one’s eyes, while sitting at least an arm’s length from the screen.

What are the biggest negatives?

While the MOFT-Z offers extensive angling, it offers only one height option. The two devices don’t cost much, but there are even cheaper options.

The Ergoprop laptop stand, which I use as my everyday laptop-angling stand, costs R299 at the iStore.