Tebogo Nkadimeng
2 minute read
3 Jul 2021
8:00 am

A weekend beaten around the bush at Zebula Lodge

Tebogo Nkadimeng

The food at Zebula was good. We had an option of chilli buffet meals or pizza, we decided to go for pizza that hit all the right spots

Zebula. Picture: Tebogo Nkadimeng

On our game drive later, we were introduced to Christine, a kind ranger who looked after us on the drive which was to be our highlight of the day. From leaving the check point she went far and beyond to explain everything there is to Zebula Lodge – and it’s a lot. Our first stop was just a few meters away from the clubhouse where we took pictures of their iconic marula tree where the famous Amarula advert was filmed. As the drive progressed into the bush, Christine explained the different animals as we came across them. We continued with...