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American couple saves up, cuts back on all expenses to adopt South African baby

US couple spend all their money toward their dream of adopting South African child

Deidre and James Parker-Young cut their luxuries and rather spent $21 000 as part of their bid to adopt a two year old South African boy. “It’s been the joy of our lives. Tightening our belts has been worth it. But it has been nice to finally be out again- now as a family of three,” shared Deidre.

The preschool teacher and Navy logistician couple say it’s their upbringing that made them interested in adopting. “Growing up, it wasn’t unusual to have a neighbourhood kid who needed a place to stay for a bit come live with us for a while so adopting is just something we’ve always wanted to do,” they told the New York Times.

Their adoption agency Spence-Chapin, who shared that the process would not be easy and would take long paired them with an organisation that helps prospective parents create financial plans to fund adoption. During this time they had to make major financial changes with Deidre owing $105, 500 in student loans, foregoing dinner dates and vacations for nearly four years, and share a car to make their adoption possible.

“They told us that it was going to be an uphill climb, and would take longer than normal to get approval, but that it was doable,” explains James.

Eventually the couple were matched with a two year old by that they official adopted in May 2019.

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