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Ready, set, transform! Unleash the best you with a magical makeover

“Colour can make a person look younger or older, tired or at the top of your game. The effect of colour changes everything!”

A personal makeover is more than just a change in appearance; it’s an opportunity to rediscover and reinvent yourself from the inside out. Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe, refresh your hairstyle, enhance your skincare routine, or boost your overall confidence, becoming the best version of yourself is within your reach.

The makeover specialist Lana Joubert opened a hair salon in Krugersdorp ten years ago. However, she always dreamed of offering her clients more than only a hair appointment. She wanted to offer them the experience of a complete transformation.

“I completed courses in make-up and the makeovers started. Later I also completed courses in colour and style to balance the picture,” she told The Citizen.

A complete transformation

The complete transformation was important to her, as she wanted to make an impact on how women feel about themselves. “I never knew that makeovers was the way I would be able to achieve this, but it was God’s plan for me.” 

Lana’s own style is romantic and classic. “I don’t really believe in fashion trends, but rather that a woman should wear what brings out the most in her. When I do a makeover, I maintain a natural make-up style to emphasise the client’s beauty. We then choose a hairstyle and colour that brings her natural beauty to the fore – especially if she doesn’t wear make-up at home.”

The focus, Lana says, is on the beauty that already exists. Everything is planned around this.

Key elements

Hair, make-up, clothing and jewellery are all influenced by the season of life the client finds herself in, Lana explains.

“Colour can make a person look younger or older, tired or at the top of your game. The effect of colour changes everything!”

When deciding on hair colour, it’s important to look at each client as an individual and decide at what level the colour will make her complexion look optimal and whether it will have a warm or cold undertone.

“A hairstyle works with points, lines and angles. A stylist should study the client’s face to determine which cut will compliment her facial features and what the balance would look like when the body is divided into proportions. It all creates an optical illusion.”

It’s also important to take into account the client’s personality and who she is in her personal life. “The new look must work in real life to be sustainable,” Lana said.

The correct mindset for a makeover

When clients come in for a makeover, they must be open-minded towards any changes we might make. “It’s important to make that mind-shift.”

During the consultation the stylist will explain why a specific hair colour or cut would be a perfect fit for the client. “Again, we consider the clients’ season, personality type and style personality. We support our clients during a large change, as we know how emotional it can be to take a big step.”

When the ball gets rolling

Lana explains that the client is initially welcomed with coffee or champagne to make her feel welcome and at ease.

“Then we chat to get to know her better and learn about her lifestyle. This helps us to create a bigger picture of the client and how she will adapt to a specific style.”

A colour analysis is then done to determine the client’s seasonal flow. “We then discuss which colours compliment her complexion the best and which colours she should rather avoid,” Lana explains.

After the application of the haircolour, the time is used to do the transformational make-up while the client relaxes. “The hair is cut with the chair turned away from the mirror. It is then dried and styled after which we show her the end product!”

When she does “Style Me Out” makeovers which include clothing, it’s prepared beforehand in the right colours, sizes and according to the client’s style. “We then teach her to mix and match basic items so she can put together stunning outfits in the colour that best compliments her.”

Lana explains that it’s very important to her to show every woman, regardless of her physique, how she can enjoy her body, emphasise her assets and cover up what makes her self-conscious.

“Most clients are scared to work with their curves. However, it’s beautiful when she gets to know her physique better and learns how to create the correct balance and proportions. No woman must ever feel she first needs to lose weight to come for a makeover. Come as you are, and I’ll show you how beautiful you are today!”

Support after the makeover

Unfortunately, some people are under the impression that makeovers only last for a day; the next day they will look like before, said Lana.

“It’s our mission to support our clients after makeovers! With the correct guidance and support any woman can have a pretty, well-groomed appearance, regardless of your make-up and hair-styling skills and financial situation.”

She explains that several clients do not have a natural knack for hair and make-up. “They work with our guidelines and make great progress to get it right – without much effort. I believe clever people ask questions and request help. I enjoy teaching and showing how easy it can be.”

Setting realistic expectations about your makeover

We need to be realistic about ageing and the fact that it’s normal to have texture on our skins. Laugh lines here and there are also normal.

“It tells our story, and much be appreciated and celebrated. Beauty standards in magazines and on social media sets unrealistic expectations for young girls and adult women. It leaves us with the idea that we’re not good enough. This is all a lie,” said Lana. The correct colours will immediately light up your complexion and makes you look younger!”

Lana measures the success of a makeover when she remains in contact with a client. “I can then see that she is able to sustain her appearance on her own. When she struggles, she can always reach out and ask for help. I measure success in long-term results.”

Lana’s five beauty tips

  1. Less foundation is better.
  2. Add more colour to your cheek bones with a little blush, a pretty lip colour and mascara. It works for everyone!
  3. Put away the black eyeliner. Rather add a pretty plum or dark brown to your top eyelid.
  4. If you never wear your hair loose, cut it off. Give it some life to compliment your face.
  5. If you choose to wear flat shoes, choose a pretty shoe.

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